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Being SEEN, fragrance free

A human nose has around 400 types of scent receptors. Despite the myth that humans have a bad sense of smell relative to other animals, a 2014 study reported in the journal Science concluded that the human nose can distinguish...

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Parabens, Phthalates, and Silicones, Oh My!

Though we may hear them mentioned frequently, can you actually say with certainty what parabens or phthalates or silicones are? And, furthermore, explain why having them floating around in your personal care products may not...

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Scalp acne - yes, it's definitely a thing!

We’ve heard about acne on your face, your back, your chest, but there’s another area frequently prone to breakouts that just doesn’t get the same attention: your scalp. Yup, true story. “Scalp acne can be similar to acne on other parts of...

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Hair Products Leave a Residue!

Most people think that when they rinse hair products off in the shower, those products wash down the drain. But what most people don’t realize is that hair products – even the “rinse-off” ones! – also leave a residue behind that is...

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The Power of the Formulation

Beauty brands love to tell an ingredient story: usually that means one hero ingredient (oftentimes from a far-flung location) being pushed to the forefront as the magical does-it-all wonder. But while individual ingredients can be powerful...  

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Five Unexpected Breakout Culprits

Acne can be a riddle: everyone knows solving it is difficult, but so too is trying to trace back and determine what caused it to begin with. Sometimes, shifting hormones are to blame, but, just as often, the origin of a breakout may not be so...

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Let's Talk Pores.

Pores, we may all have them, yet there is still so much confusion about them. Why are some people’s bigger than others? How exactly do they get clogged? And, relatedly, how can I prevent them from getting clogged? Also, can I really shrink...

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SEEN Science: The 411 on Bacne

Our monthly quick dive into a skin-related micro-topic with SEEN co-founder and derm-in-residence Dr. Iris Rubin. As if experiencing breakouts on your face isn’t exasperating enough, there is also the possibility that your body may suffer the...

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Seen and Heard

Meet SEEN co-founder and resident skin whisperer Dr. Iris Rubin. Her main focus may be the health of our skin and hair, but her mission at SEEN is bigger than that: helping everyone feel seen. And with each purchase the brand gives back...  

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SEEN Science: Sulfates and Your Skin

Our monthly quick dive into a skin-related micro-topic with SEEN co-founder and derm-in-residence Dr. Iris Rubin. Sulfates: you’ve likely heard the word, but do you know what they are and why some brands (SEEN included) steer clear of them? 

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Five Tips for a Better Blow-out

Haircut trends come and go, but the appeal of a fresh blow-out, no matter what your length or texture, is perennial. And SEEN’s newest baby, a silky Blow-Out Creme, formulated with skin-friendly ingredients much like our signature...

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