Fragrance Sensitivity/Migraines

Fragrance-Free Hair Care

SEEN's fragrance-free hair care is ideal for those who experience fragrance sensitivity or scent-induced migraines—as well as anyone who doesn’t want fragranced hair products interfering with their favorite perfume. Our fragrance-free, non-medicated, shampoo, conditioner, and styling products will give you stronger, smoother, healthier hair and a healthy scalp without clogging pores or irritating the skin.


A note from our founder

"I started SEEN because I was breaking out from hair products. It turns out that hair products can cause skin issues when those products transfer to the skin in the shower or from a towel or pillow case. This has forced so many people to have to choose between gorgeous hair or healthy skin. And this is even more of an issue for people with fragrance sensitivities since so few high-quality fragrance free hair products exist. Not anymore! Fragrance free SEEN enables you to have gorgeous hair, without compromising your skin or triggering a migraine."

 Iris Rubin Signature

Founder, Iris Rubin MD
and Harvard-trained dermatologist