Eczema-Approved Hair Care

We’re proud to announce that all fragrance free SEEN products have received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance™—which means those with sensitive or eczema-prone skin can enjoy happy, healthy skin and gorgeous hair!

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It turns out that hair products can cause skin issues when they transfer to the skin. Hair product residue can make its way onto the skin in the shower, from a towel or pillowcase, or directly from the hair.



“I am absolutely obsessed with SEEN's fragrance-free deep conditioner! I have severe eczema and struggled for years with an itchy scalp due to fragranced and poorly made hair products. Once I started using SEEN, I have not had a breakout since, AND it's helped clear up other eczema breakouts around my body. Also, I have thick, wavy/curly hair, and this deep conditioner makes it feel so smooth and results in significantly less frizz after use. Can't wait to try more SEEN products, and will definitely be rebuying this regularly!”

— Chloe K.,

Verified Customer


“I have been using SEEN for almost 2 years! It is the only shampoo/conditioner I will buy! I suffer from eczema and rosacea so I just love the fragrance free option! I haven't had any breakouts along my hairline or on my scalp since using it. It lathers great and makes my hair so soft and shiny! Customer service is pretty awesome too!”

— Megan C.,

Verified Customer

Life Changer!

“Having eczema on my scalp makes finding the perfect shampoo extremely difficult. I was so glad that I came across SEEN while I was trying to find something that could work for me. I haven't had any sores on my head since switching to it. My scalp looks and feels perfect. I am so amazed and happy. My hair looks fuller and does not get as oily as it used to, which is a huge plus. 10/10, seriously.”

— Jessica R.,

Verified Customer