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great hair

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Did you know hair products can cause skin issues?

SEEN is award-winning Harvard dermatologist-designed & won't clog pores or cause breakouts.


Hair products can cause skin issues

SEEN award-winning hair care delivers beautiful hair & skin so you don't have to compromise.


What if your skin isn’t the problem? Many hair product ingredients can secretly lead to breakouts. SEEN is luxury skin-caring hair care.

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We got rid of stuff that clog pores and lead to breakouts. Effortlessly gorgeous is now officially a thing.

how SEEN is different


Designed by a Harvard-trained Dermatologist


Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts


Formulated without sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, dyes or gluten


Clinically proven to be non-irritating


Skin issues can be soul deep. Nobody else may notice, but it’s all you see. No more hiding behind your hair again.

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Tried, Tested & Adored

Best products! I am in love with this whole line! For once, my scalp has not been itchy after a shower and I have noticed a lot less breakouts! In addition to that, my hair is noticeably healthier and so shiny! As a hairdresser, these products are a must have and I would definitely recommend them for anyone!

— Dana

Miracle work! I have spent years struggling with breakouts due to shampoos and conditioner. I've tried everything from supermarket brands, shampoos from dermatology clinics, high-end brands costing hundreds of dollars and nothing worked in preventing my breakouts... Some would work very well for a few weeks but i'd still get whiteheads and pimples after repeated use, others i'd breakout immediately after a single use. So after doing a lot of research and reading abt the company and their philosophy i decided to try SEEN. And WOW! What result. I've been using the product for a few months now and i havn't had a single break out. Thank you to everyone on the team for giving me back my confidence and letting me say goodbye to breakouts for good!

— Tee

I’ve always thought my skin was the issue, when really its just the products.

— Michelle

I love this blow out creme! This is hands down the best blow out creme I've used. It's not too heavy and makes my hair look amazing when I blow dry. A little goes a long way. I would highly recommend!

— Michaela

Best shampoo/conditioner ever. I absolutely love these products. I have struggled with acne for a long time (most of it is hormonal) but my hair products were definitely playing a role in keeping my skin irritated and breaking out. In desperation, I found an article that talked about how revolutionary these products are for acne prone skin and I am SO GLAD I stumbled upon that article. My skin has less breakouts AND my hair looks and feels amazing. I’ve noticed that it is way less greasy but without drying the scalp... literally magic formula. Couldn’t recommend this duo enough!

— Rachel

I'm shocked! This entire product line is amazing. I have extremely sensitive skin that seems to react to pretty much everything... I took a chance and I am extremely happy to report that this product line hasn't bothered my skin at all! Not a single breakout (I also have incredibly acne-prone skin) or sign of redness has shown up and I have used everything multiple times. Even after the first wash and dry, my hair looked so healthy and felt so soft, and it didn't feel weighed down at all. I also haven't noticed any color fading even when using it daily, so that's another bonus. All in all the entire system is great and I would 100% recommended it to anyone.


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A human nose has around 400 types of scent receptors. Despite the myth that humans have a bad sense of smell relative to other animals, a 2014 study reported in the journal Science concluded that the human nose can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odors. So it's no surprise that smell influences how we interact with the world and the emotions we associate with people, things, and experiences.

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Parabens, Phthalates, and Silicones, Oh My!

Though we may hear them mentioned frequently, can you actually say with certainty what parabens or phthalates or silicones are? And, furthermore, explain why having them floating around in your personal care products may not always bode well? To break down the how, what, when, where, and why of these frequently used ingredients, we turned to dermatologist and SEEN co-founder Dr. Iris Rubin.

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