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SEEN is for skin of all ages

SEEN is for skin of all ages

You’ve probably caught wind of the “Sephora kids” controversy that has reached somewhat of a fevered pitch. On one side you have parents who are fed up with their children’s requests for pricey skincare products—and skincare companies that seem to be marketing to tweens and teens with candy-colored packaging. On the other, you have dermatologists who are speaking out about the damaging effects that potent ingredients intended for older skin can have on kids.

The media chatter is getting increasingly louder, and some are calling for age restrictions at teen beauty destinations like Sephora. Although no action has been taken here in the United States (and it’s very unlikely that stores will turn away shoppers under 15 or 16 as proposed), this has become a global problem that at least one country is trying to curtail. According to WWD, a pharmacy chain in Sweden has stopped selling advanced skincare products to anyone under age 15—which includes products formulated with AHAs, BHAs, vitamin A, and vitamin C, as well as enzyme-based and physical exfoliation products.

At SEEN, we believe that it’s important to establish good skincare habits early. Our Face Wash and Body Wash are appropriate for all ages, and it’s virtually impossible for a tween or teen to overdo it and harm their skin with these products. This is because our skin cleansers are safe for sensitive skin and formulated with gentle ingredients that respect the skin barrier as they wash away dirt, excess oil, and other debris. SEEN’s fragrance-free Face Wash and Body Wash have received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance™ so they are safe for eczema-prone skin, which has become more common in children. 

Although haircare hasn’t caught on with the “Sephora teens” like skincare has (yet), we stand behind the safety of our shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for hair and skin of all ages. (However, just keep in mind that these are not "tear-free" formulas.) Our Blow-Out Creme and Curly Creme can be used for air-drying—and don’t require the use of heat-based styling tools. They also provide a bit of hold that can help keep ponytails and braids in place once you get them just right. (If you have a child who makes you do their hair over and over before they are satisfied, you get it.)

In fact, SEEN’s haircare products are ideal for tweens and teens—especially those who are beginning to experience breakouts associated with puberty. This is because all of our products are non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores. In addition to the irritation and rashes many dermatologists are seeing, acne can become a problem caused by using products that may be comedogenic and are not appropriate for younger skin types. In this case, our UNSEEN Pimple Patches help speed healing without irritating young or sensitive skin.

We understand that tweens and teens are attracted to bright, cheery packaging, but most don’t consider the ingredients inside the bottle that could send their skin into a tailspin by over-exfoliating or compromising the skin barrier. With SEEN, our younger fans get effective hair and skincare products that are gentle enough to be safe for their skin—and our packaging is cute enough for their vanity or shower “shelfie,” right?