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how hair care can cause breakouts

Hint: it all starts in your pores

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It rinses down your back and body. Touches your face. Hits your hairline. Brushes shoulders and chest. Lays on your pillow. It took a dermatologist to see the connection and develop SEEN.

what’s inside matters

SEEN uses a carefully curated collection of skin-caring ingredients. Our thoughtfully designed, color-safe system works together to create gorgeous hair with no regrets.

out with the bad – formulated without:

  • Clogging oils or silicones
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Dyes
  • Gluten

nothing but good:

  • Shea butter cetyl esters
  • Nourishing plant-sugar derived squalane
  • Smoothing, protecting plant-sugar derived hemisqualane

Hair care clings to hair—that’s what makes it work. Still it’s surprising to see how much shampoo & conditioner stay on scalp, even after rinsing.

After Rinsing

High product concentration on the scalp

No product on the scalp

*Image: TRI Princeton Study

Everyone’s obsessed with what’s in—or not in—their beauty products. But to your skin, it’s more complicated than an ingredient list. What makes a pore clear or clogged can be in how multiple ingredients interact. Even “safe” ones can go wrong. Hair care companies rarely do comedogenicity (won’t clog pores) testing on finished products, but we do. 

is natural always skin-friendly?

In a word: no. Natural products can irritate. Certain botanicals are, in fact, common irritants. (We see you, hay fever.) SEEN uses formulas that are safety- and skin-tested and trusted, whether made by man or nature.

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Tried, Tested & Adored

I had no breakouts even though I sometimes do with other hair products.

— Leiyana, national blow-dry chain manager

I LOVE this shampoo. My scalp doesn’t feel dry anymore.

— Dr. Geeta S., premier cosmetic dermatologist

The difference with my skin is so noticeable since I’ve been using your products!

— Chiara, writer; family invested in the company after her positive response.

My skin and hair are looking the best they ever have!

— Bethany, R&D Director, chemist who helped formulate SEEN

Love, love, love SEEN hair products! So clean smelling, light but effective. My hair never looked so good. :) I will be talking about this to all my clients.

Karina, make-up artist, San Francisco

These comments are from people who were provided free product samples to test our products.