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An acne Q+A with Dr. Rubin

An acne Q+A with Dr. Rubin

Harvard-trained dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin created SEEN after noticing a connection between her haircare products and breakouts. She turned to science to test her observation and made several key findings along the way. In the years since SEEN’s debut, testing has proven the brand’s benefits for acne-prone and sensitive skin. We sat down with Dr. Rubin to talk about SEEN and acne, as well as the brand-new UNSEEN Pimple Patches.

SEEN: Before SEEN, there had never been a dermatologist-developed line of non-comedogenic haircare designed specifically for acne-prone skin.
Dr. Rubin: This is true, which is why I was so eager to assess how common it is for haircare products to exacerbate face and body acne. Early on, SEEN conducted two pivotal studies that confirmed my suspicions and have been published in prestigious medical journals.

SEEN: What did these studies reveal?
Dr. Rubin: The first study looked at the residue that rinse-off and leave-in haircare products can leave on the skin—and showed that it can remain on the skin for hours! This can pose an issue for not only acne-prone skin, but for sensitive skin as well. Based on the residue findings, we performed a dedicated acne study that showed 70% with body acne improved and 52% with face acne improved just by switching to non-comedogenic SEEN Shampoo and Conditioner.[1]

SEEN: Why do you think SEEN is able to provide these results for acne-prone skin?
Dr. Rubin: SEEN is non-medicated, so we can’t call it an acne treatment—but it’s pretty clear that simply avoiding pore-clogging ingredients goes a long way for reducing breakouts for many people. It’s widely accepted that non-comedogenic products can help minimize acne flares caused by skincare, but this is a relatively new concept in the haircare category.

SEEN: Can you explain how SEEN fits into a comprehensive acne-fighting regimen?
Dr. Rubin: Every case of acne is different, so a regimen that works for one person might not work for another. For those who employ the help of a dermatologist to get their breakouts under control, it’s important to follow their recommendations. But, a foundation of SEEN Shampoo and Conditioner, Face Wash, and Body Wash is a great way to start since none of these products will clog pores, and all of these products are also formulated with naturally-derived bisabolol for skin-soothing benefits. 

SEEN: Where do the new UNSEEN Pimple Patches fit in?
Dr. Rubin: Even if you are committed to a comprehensive hair and skincare regimen that’s safe for acne-prone skin, zits happen! I am so excited about these patches because they are a gentle, non-irritating way to target blemishes. They have hydrocolloid gel to absorb the “gunk” plus a plant-based alternative to retinol called bakuchiol, and in addition to providing a discreet protective barrier, the patches are safe for sensitive skin.

SEEN: Why did you decide to introduce pimple patches?
Dr. Rubin: I know first-hand that despite our best efforts with acne-fighting skin and haircare products, breakouts can still happen. That’s where UNSEEN Pimple Patches come in, and I wanted to offer our customers a gentle yet effective way to deal with blemishes without irritating sensitive skin.

SEEN: What else do you think is important for the world to know about SEEN?
Dr. Rubin: Our products are also proven to deliver stronger, smoother, healthier-looking hair without compromising the health of skin! In addition to the benefits SEEN Shampoo and Conditioner have for acne-prone skin, using these products as a regimen also reduces frizz by 57%[2] and reduces breakage by up to 59%[3]. For anyone who needs a little extra convincing, check out our five-star reviews from real customers who share how using SEEN has improved their hair and skin!

And just a reminder, the National Eczema Association has recognized our fragrance-free products’ safety for those with sensitive and eczema-prone skin. SkinSAFE has also given our Fragrance Free Shampoo, Fragrance Free Conditioner, and Magic Serum a thumbs-up for sensitive skin–so everyone can enjoy gorgeous hair and healthy-looking skin.

[1] In a dermatologist-graded clinical study, 27 subjects with mild to moderate acne used SEEN shampoo and conditioner as a regimen for 8 weeks. SEEN is non-medicated and can help those for whom hair products are contributing to acne.
[2] Independent 3rd party lab test, 8 hair tresses, compared to control washed with SLES
[3] Independent 3rd party lab test, repeated grooming study with 10 bleached hair tresses, compared to control.