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Q&A with Candace Marino

We sat down with Candace Marino, better known by Hollywood as "The LA Facialist", who has been a medical aesthetician for over a decade, developing custom complexion protocols and unique techniques for a highly–discerning celebrity clientele. Candace gives us the inside scoop on everything from acne advice to the perfect at-home facial.
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Curly without compromise

Most curly girls are trying to reduce frizz, as well as hydrate and define curls. But those same ingredients in hair products that help curls look beautiful can also cause problems for the skin. Curly girls deserve better - and fortunately there is now a solution.
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Being SEEN, fragrance free

A human nose has around 400 types of scent receptors. Despite the myth that humans have a bad sense of smell relative to other animals, a 2014 study reported in the journal Science concluded that the human nose can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odors. So it's no surprise that smell influences how we interact with the world and the emotions we associate with people, things, and experiences. In beauty products, fragrance is a key factor in people's attraction to a product. It becomes a part of how they present themselves to the world. But for many people, fragrance has the...
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Parabens, Phthalates, and Silicones, Oh My!

Though we may hear them mentioned frequently, can you actually say with certainty what parabens or phthalates or silicones are? And, furthermore, explain why having them floating around in your personal care products may not always bode well? To break down the how, what, when, where, and why of these frequently used ingredients, we turned to dermatologist and SEEN co-founder Dr. Iris Rubin.
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Scalp acne - yes, it's definitely a thing!

THE SNEAKY PLACE YOU MAY BE BREAKING OUT We’ve heard about acne on your face, your back, your chest, but there’s another area frequently prone to breakouts that just doesn’t get the same attention: your scalp. Yup, true story.
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Hair Products Leave a Residue!

HAIR PRODUCTS LEAVE A TRACE, CHOOSE WISELY. Most people think that when they rinse hair products off in the shower, those products wash down the drain. But what most people don’t realize is that hair products – even the “rinse-off” ones! – also leave a residue behind that is invisible to the eye but still very much there.Leave-in hair styling products, as well as many rinse-off products, by design bind to the hair and leave a residue to give you those gorgeous locks. If 100% of the products rinsed off in the shower, you wouldn’t get the hair benefits you were looking for and would question...
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The Power of the Formulation

WE'RE NOT JUST ABOUT SINGLE INGREDIENTS. HERE'S WHY. Beauty brands love to tell an ingredient story: usually that means one hero ingredient (oftentimes from a far-flung location) being pushed to the forefront as the magical does-it-all wonder. But while individual ingredients can be powerful, more often it’s the synergy between multiple ingredients that proves truly innovative.
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Five Unexpected Breakout Culprits

Acne can be a riddle: everyone knows solving it is difficult, but so too is trying to trace back and determine what caused it to begin with. Sometimes, shifting hormones are to blame, but, just as often, the origin of a breakout may not be so clear. And, even, pretty unexpected. Here, a few seemingly innocuous things that may actually be contributing to your acne.
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Let's Talk Pores.

Pores, we may all have them, yet there is still so much confusion about them. Why are some people’s bigger than others? How exactly do they get clogged? And, relatedly, how can I prevent them from getting clogged? Also, can I really shrink their size as so many products claim to do? Here, SEEN’s founder Dr. Iris Rubin helped us put together an essential primer on all things pore related.
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SEEN Science: The 411 on Bacne

Our monthly quick dive into a skin-related micro-topic with SEEN co-founder and derm-in-residence Dr. Iris Rubin. As if experiencing breakouts on your face isn’t exasperating enough, there is also the possibility that your body may suffer the same indignity. And, according to Dr. Iris Rubin, acne on your body happens much the same way it does on the face.
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