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hair loves skin

no compromises

how can hair care cause breakouts?

Hint: it all starts in your pores


Hair product rinses down your back and body. Touches your face. Hits your hairline. Brushes shoulders and chest. It took a dermatologist to see the connection and develop SEEN.

hair product residue stays on skin hours after use

Hair products deposit residue on the hair—that’s what makes them work. But that same residue gets on the skin as product rinses down the face and body in the shower, or transfers from hair or a towel/pillowcase to skin, even 2-4 hours after rinsing. Learn more here, or download the full report PDF, here.



There is an absence (dark blue) of hair product residue on the skin before applying hair products to the hair.

After applying hair products to the hair, a significant amount of product residue gets on – and stays on – the skin (even rinse-off products!). Even 2-4 hours after using hair products, residue remains on the skin.

*Source: TRI Princeton, March 2019 study using top-selling hair products in U.S. salons based on Kline PRO database Q1-Q3 2018

in a study* with 30 people with back acne who used SEEN for 4 weeks:

  • 93% reported that they saw improvement in their back breakouts
  • 77% reported their back breakouts were better, much better, or clear**
  • 83% agree "My hair looks better"
  • 83% agree "My hair feels better"

* Consumer perception study conducted by Bria Labs of 30 people with mild to moderate back acne using only SEEN hair care products for 4 weeks.
** 7% clear, 33% much better, 37% better. Another 17% reported their back breakouts were "a little better."


what’s inside matters

SEEN uses a carefully curated collection of skin-caring ingredients. Our thoughtfully designed, color-safe system works together to create gorgeous hair with no regrets.

out with the bad – formulated without:

  • Clogging oils or silicones
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Dyes
  • Gluten

nothing but good:

  • Shea butter cetyl esters
  • Nourishing plant-sugar derived squalane
  • Smoothing, protecting plant-sugar derived hemisqualane

Everyone’s obsessed with what’s in—or not in—their beauty products. But to your skin, it’s more complicated than an ingredient list. What makes a pore clear or clogged can be in how multiple ingredients interact. Even “safe” ones can go wrong. Hair care companies rarely do comedogenicity (won’t clog pores) testing on finished products, but we do. We're committed to creating hair care products that are skin approved. We have two patents to prove it.

is natural always skin-friendly?

In a word: no. Natural products can irritate. For example, poison ivy is 100% natural. And certain botanicals are, in fact, common irritants. SEEN uses formulas that are safety- and skin-tested and trusted, whether made by man or nature.

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PLEASE NOTE: While SEEN is clinically proven to be non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and non-irritating and has been shown to potentially help people with mild to moderate acne, SEEN hair products are not medical products. Acne and breakouts have multiple causes. For people for whom hair care products are a contributing factor, SEEN can be helpful and even potentially life changing (if you take our customers at their own word).