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Why sun protection is crucial for your hair

Why sun protection is crucial for your hair

We go to great lengths to shield our skin from UV rays by using sunscreen every day and when spending prolonged periods of time outdoors. The main goal is to prevent long-term damage that can lead to premature signs of aging and skin cancer—but your sun-protection efforts shouldn’t stop there. 

In addition to blending your facial sunscreen into your hairline (which is an often-overlooked spot), it’s important to protect your tresses from UV rays as part of your regular hair-care routine—not just when you’re at the beach or by the pool.

Accumulated and prolonged sun exposure damages the hairs’ outermost layer, the cuticle. Signs of sun-damaged hair include dryness, brittleness, breakage, split ends, and frizz. Fine and light-colored hair (whether straight or curly) is more prone to damage caused by UV rays since they have less pigment and/or thickness to act as protection. And those with color-treated hair should be extra vigilant as it can be more porous, which means the strands have less protein that acts as protection.[1] Bleached or highlighted hair is more likely to be damaged to begin with, and UV rays can accelerate color fading as well.

We aren’t recommending that you apply face or body sunscreen to hair—that would create a greasy mess. But there are botanically-based hair-care ingredients that have been shown to provide UV protection for your strands. One of them is moringa oleifera, which is derived from the horseradish tree. (As an added bonus, this ingredient shields the hair from the damaging effects of pollution as well.)

Moringa oleifera is one of the key ingredients in SEEN’s Blow-Out Creme and Curly Creme. Not only do these products help you achieve the style you’re after with less frizz and breakage, these non-comedogenic, non-irritating formulas are kind to the skin as well. (Both are also available fragrance-free.)

SEEN Hair Hack: For optimal sun protection, brush or comb your hair after applying Blow-Out Creme or Curly Creme to ensure each and every strand is covered from root to tip.

Leveling up your hair’s sun protection is as easy as sitting under an umbrella, donning a scarf, or wearing a hat, and you get extra credit (and peace of mind) if it is made with UPF-rated fabric. Other sun-safety habits you use to protect your skin apply to the hair as well, such as avoiding mid-day sun.

And remember, when you combine sun exposure with chlorine or salt water, you have a recipe for hair damage. Applying Blow-Out Creme or Curly Creme before taking a dip creates a barrier that protects your hair until you have a chance to rinse with clean, fresh water. (Get more summer hair-protection tips here!)