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Your summer hair survival guide

Your summer hair survival guide

Summer means getting outside and enjoying warm weather, but this season can be especially stressful on the hair since more exposure to UV rays, pollution, salt water, and chlorine doesn’t do it any favors. The good news is the right hair-care products and a few simple protective steps can keep your hair healthy and looking its best until fall rolls around again (and well beyond).

It all starts with the ideal daily shampoo and conditioner for your hair—and SEEN allows you to adjust your regimen based on your hair’s seasonal needs. For example, those with normal to dry hair may prefer the extra hydration of the Deeper Conditioner during cold, dry winter months, but then switch to the original SEEN Conditioner in the summer. On the flip side, those who spend a lot of time in the pool, ocean, or sun may prefer the Deeper Conditioner during the summer to replenish lost moisture and keep their hair soft and smooth. From there, you can tailor your styling products to fight frizz and even get great air-dry results whether you want to go more straight or curly.

An important factor to consider during the summer (and year-round) is how your hair products are going to affect your skin. Body acne can flare up due to extra perspiration, as sweat can mix with bacteria on the skin and dead cells to clog pores and cause breakouts. SEEN’s non-comedogenic hair care won’t clog pores, and can help promote skin clarity on the back, shoulders, chest, and face. For the record, in a dermatologist-graded acne study, 70% with body acne and 52% with face acne saw skin improvement by changing to non-medicated SEEN for 8 weeks.[1]

How SEEN can keep your hair healthy all summer long
Shampoo is an essential in any hair-care routine, and SEEN’s sulfate-free formula tends to be less drying for the hair and is gentle enough for daily use. Depending on your hair’s hydration needs, both of our conditioners are silicone-free and provide weightless moisture and manageability. Whether you prefer to go straight or curly (or alternate between the two), SEEN Blow-Out Creme and Curly Creme help you achieve the style you’re after while reducing frizz, enhancing shine, and providing the hair with much-needed heat protection when styling. Both are formulated with plant sugar-derived squalane to nourish the hair, and these styling products also help shield hair from the damaging effects of pollution and UV rays. The proof: Studies have shown that using SEEN Shampoo and Conditioner as a regimen reduces hair breakage by 59%, and SEEN Blow-Out Creme reduces hair breakage by 49%[2].

The secret to a frizz-free summer
If humidity instantly derails your styling efforts the second you step outside, we have you covered because using SEEN Shampoo, Conditioner, and Blow-Out Creme as a regimen has been shown to reduce frizz by 74%. From there, just a few drops of Magic Serum on wet or dry hair delivers instant shine and frizz control—and it strengthens hair by 81% after a single use![3] It gives you the smooth, shiny hair you’ve always wanted without silicone and won't clog pores (which can lead to breakouts) or cause skin irritation. Best of all, Magic Serum is fragrance-free and formulated with just three naturally-derived ingredients, specifically olive-derived ethylhexyl olivate along with plant sugar-derived squalane and hemisqualane.

SEEN helps protect your color
Whether you’re concerned about color fading or your blonde looking brassy, this is where UV protection for your hair comes in. Both of SEEN’s styling creams help defend your strands against the sun’s rays that decrease your color’s staying power and damage the hair itself. You get these benefits when you apply these products before you heat-style or work them into wet hair before hitting the pool or beach. 

One final tip if you take a dip…
In addition to creating a protective barrier with one of our styling creams before stepping foot in the water, be sure to rinse your hair immediately after swimming in the pool or ocean. Removing chlorine and salt water ASAP before they have a chance to damage the hair is key. And, of course, wearing a hat is an extra bonus that helps protect both your hair and your face from the sun.

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[2] Source: Independent 3rd party testing lab, Jan 2020 study assessing “Anti-breakage Benefits via Repeated Grooming”

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