Who wouldn't want the gift of beautiful, healthy hair and happy skin? Here, a few members of our team share the SEEN products their giving this holiday season (and why)!

“I’m giving the fragrance free SEEN Travel Trio as a gift to my brother who travels regularly. It’s the brotherly thing to do to save him from hotel hair products, which can have a lot of irritating and pore-clogging ingredients. Oddly, it seems like the better the hotel, the worse the hair products they give you.”
Greg Maged, Co-founder of SEEN
SEEN Fragrance Free Travel Trio
“This year, I’m gifting our SEEN Curly Creme to my twin sister, Sharon. We both have naturally very curly hair and this helps to keep curls soft and defined. It’s my holy grail product!”
Iris Rubin, MD, Founder of SEEN and Harvard-trained dermatologist
SEEN Curly Creme
“I’m gifting SEEN Magic Serum to my fiancé, Josh (because he's been stealing mine recently)! It adds the perfect amount of hydration and shine, and I also love that it’s non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) since he also uses it on his beard.”
Nicole Sozzi, Head of Marketing
SEEN Magic Serum
“This year, my 13-year old son got the SEEN Essential Bundle for one night of Chanukah, because the hormones and acne have started to make their presence known. I went with the fragranced version partly for myself so I get a whiff of the amazing scent every time I kiss his head!” 
Paige Herman-Axel, Content Strategist
SEEN Essential Bundle
“This year, I’m giving my sister SEEN Fragrance Free Shampoo and Deeper Conditioner. She has battled acne and dandruff for years and tried everything. SEEN actually works. She loves the shampoo, and the hydration and softness of the Deeper Conditioner. She is a single mother of three and tends to buy whatever is on the grocery store shelf, so receiving SEEN feels like a special treat just for her. It’s my go-to gift.”
“This year, I'm getting liters of SEEN Shampoo and Conditioner for my family and my sister's family. Our kids love it as much as we do, and as a mom I love the fact that everything in my shower is free of the potentially bad stuff! Goodbye sulfates, paragons, dyes, and pore-clogging oils! My husband is also obsessed with the fragrance and loves how the shampoo and conditioner make his hair feel. Both of our families are huge SEEN fans—and we'll be fully stocked for 2022!"
Nicole Rolek, Digital Marketing Consultant
SEEN Jumbos