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SEEN is for men, too!

SEEN is for men, too!

Men deserve to enjoy stronger, smoother, healthier hair—without compromising the state of their skin. We understand that many men like to keep their grooming routines simple, and SEEN works double-duty by offering skin-caring benefits for the body while meeting the most essential needs for hair on their heads. From shampoo and conditioner to styling products that give hair (and skin) an extra boost with minimal effort, SEEN has every man’s needs covered.

#1: SEEN is non-comedogenic
Men struggle with breakouts on their face, back, chest, and beyond. (And body breakouts can be particularly distressing in shirtless situations.) However, according to, just 64% of men report using skincare products (including anti-acne products) as compared to 82% of women. With that said, men can get skincare benefits simply by using SEEN’s hair care products.

In a dermatologist-graded study after using non-medicated SEEN as a regimen for eight weeks:1

  • 70% of participants with body acne saw improvement
  • 52% with facial acne saw improvement
  • 74% said their skin looks and feels healthier, after using SEEN as a regimen for eight weeks.

#2: SEEN is non-irritating
Men have sensitive skin, too. In addition to the potential for reaction due to external factors (such as change in climate, scratchy or non-breathable fabrics, allergen exposure, and more), certain skin conditions as well as specific skincare and hair care ingredients are among the wide array of elements that can contribute to skin irritation. In addition to eliminating many of the ingredients that can contribute to breakouts, our founder, Harvard-trained dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin, also kicked potentially irritating ingredients like sulfates, dyes, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives to the curb when formulating SEEN—and replaced them with gentle, good-for-the-skin alternatives that safely and effectively promote healthy hair and skin. 

#3: All SEEN products are available fragrance-free
Many men avoid fragranced products because they simply don’t want to exude a scent, or don’t want anything to “clash” with their cologne. Fragrance can also be a skin irritant or allergen, and even be a source of headaches (including migraines that affect an estimated 9% of men). SEEN’s fragrance-free hair care products can be a game-changer on many levels, especially for men with sensitive skin.

#4: Beards need hair care, too
Hair is hair, but facial hair has underlying skin that can be especially prone to breakouts. SEEN’s Magic Serum is a male fan-favorite because it helps facial hair look healthy and shiny, and feel soft to the touch—without contributing to breakouts or skin irritation. 

What our male customers has to say…
“Dr. Iris Rubin, My life has changed drastically thanks to you and the SEEN shampoo. For years and years ever since I turned 18, I suffered from acne, pimples, cysts and thinning hair. I’ve never been this blessed and happy until now because I can get haircuts everywhere without having to feel insecure. I’m going to keep this short and just say THANK YOU!!!” –Kevin (Verified Buyer)

“Products were more than I was expecting. I love the scent and the fact that these products don't irritate my scalp like most shampoo and conditioners.” –Joshua L. (Verified Buyer)

“I have eyelid eczema that is extremely sensitive to any kind of shampoo that I have ever tried, including baby shampoo. I saw the advertisement for SEEN, and although I was skeptical, decided to order a bottle if the shampoo and give it a try. It has been fantastic! I can wash my hair again without having an extreme flare-up of my eyelid eczema! In fact, SEEN has not caused me to have any reaction at all. Thank you SO MUCH for creating this product!” –Michael J. (Verified Buyer)

[1] Rubin IK. Efficacy of a Non-Comedogenic Hair Care Regimen for the Reduction of Mild-to-Moderate Truncal and Facial Acne: A Single-Arm 8-Week Study. J Drugs Dermatol. 2021 Jun 1;20(6):690-693.