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Helping breast cancer patients feel better by being SEEN

Helping breast cancer patients feel better by being SEEN

There’s a good chance breast cancer has impacted your life in some way, whether as a patient, caregiver, friend, or family member of someone who has been diagnosed. The main goal of any course of treatment is an ultimate clear bill of health; however, managing the side effects that come along with it is an essential part of the journey.

In addition to the toll breast cancer and its treatment can take on the body as a whole, the hair and skin can experience unique changes as well—and the personal-care products you use can make a difference. Whether managing hair health due to chemotherapy or heightened skin sensitivity while undergoing radiation, SEEN’s non-irritating products can help promote healthy hair and skin.

SEEN’s “clean,” vegan, fragrance-free formulas won’t irritate sensitive or compromised skin, and they are formulated to promote stronger, smoother, healthier hair. Studies have shown that using the Shampoo and Conditioner reduces breakage by 59% and using the Blow-Out Creme alone provides 49% less breakage.[1] Our Magic Serum has also been shown to reduce breakage by 81% (vs. a control).[2] In terms of the look and feel of the hair, using SEEN Shampoo, Conditioner, and Blow-out Creme as a regimen delivers a 306% increase in volume that can be seen eight hours after application.[3]



We’re heard from a number of people who have shared how SEEN played a beneficial role in their cancer journeys. These customer stories prompted us to explore ways that SEEN could help those who are living with cancer and treatment side effects (as well as those who care about them). That’s when we found Stage, a brand-new online community and marketplace dedicated to supporting every woman at every point of the breast cancer journey. Created to help patients and survivors feel confident and empowered while allowing anyone and everyone to further the fight against breast cancer, this brand-new online destination is all about keeping it real with trusted information and creating a positive environment with uplifting stories while sharing treatment and recovery tips, wellness suggestions, beauty and fashion advice, and more—all from women who have been there.

SEEN is proud to have our non-irritating, skin-safe hair care included in Stage’s wide array of beauty, wellness, fashion, and lifestyle products that have been selected specifically because they play a positive role in any woman’s breast cancer journey. Even more important, Stage donates 5% of the proceeds from each sale to charities that support breast cancer patients in the areas of fertility preservation, rehabilitation, and financial assistance.

We’re excited about this partnership with Stage—and doing our part to support women at every point of the breast cancer experience.

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