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5 reasons to go fragrance free

5 reasons to go fragrance free

Scented products aren’t for everyone, and there’s a whole host of reasons you may want to skip the fragrance either on occasion, or all the time. We know it’s nice to have options, which is why SEEN shampoo, conditioners, and styling cremes are available in both scented and fragrance-free. You still get all the non-irritating and non-comedogenic benefits of our original clean, luxurious formulas minus the scent, and without masking fragrance. (Many products that are labeled as “unscented” actually contain fragrance to neutralize unpleasant ingredient odors.) If you’ve never given that much thought to perfumed products, here are five reasons why you may want to.


#1: Fragrance sensitivity

Do you often find yourself with a runny nose, congestion, or red, watery eyes after using fragranced products, whether for personal care or within your home? Maybe you experience skin rashes, asthma flares, or other side effects? You might blame these symptoms on allergies (even when it’s not allergy season) or point a finger at your cat or dog. Perhaps you should try going fragrance-free instead—you might be surprised to see that your symptoms start to clear up!


#2: Skin sensitivity

If you’ve ever gone to the dermatologist for a skin reaction, one of their recommendations may have been to try a fragrance-free detergent. Switching to fragrance-free hair care can also help keep your skin calm and comfortable since these products come in direct contact with virtually every square inch of your skin when you lather up and rinse in the shower. (Fragrance-free or not, all of our non-irritating products feature a naturally derived extract called bisabolol for extra skin-soothing benefits.)


#3: Migraines

There’s no denying that migraines can be debilitating, and fragrance is a common trigger for these next-level headaches that can also cause sensitivity to light and sound. In fact, over 40% of those who experience migraines say odors play a role in their development.1 Migraines can be a pain (literally), and a fragrance-free hair care regimen may help avoid fragrance-triggered migraines.


#4: Scent competition

If you’re a perfume purist, you may not want anything to interfere with your signature scent and detract from its allure. Whether you want to maintain the integrity of your eau de parfum, essential oil, or even just your clean, fresh-from-the-shower scent, fragrance-free hair care is guaranteed to not get in the way.


#5: Workplace rules

Some healthcare workers and office-based professionals are barred from emanating any sort of smell other than their own natural scent. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably had a hard time finding luxurious yet employer-approved hair care products. Our fragrance-free formulas deliver all the non-irritating, good-for-your-skin, and healthy-hair benefits of their scented counterparts.

Take it from Kelly, one of our very happy, scent-sensitive customers: “Want all of the benefits without fragrance? You’ve found your golden ticket. I have zero tolerance to fragrance. I’ve struggled for years to find a line that supports not only this but is also accountable. Enter SEEN. It lathers like a dream, and the conditioner truly detangles. My hair is shiny and has more volume, but the best part is that it has ZERO fragrance.”