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Q&A with Candace Marino

Q&A with Candace Marino

We sat down with Candace Marino, better known by Hollywood as "The LA Facialist", who has been a medical aesthetician for over a decade, developing custom complexion protocols and unique techniques for a highly–discerning celebrity clientele. Candace gives us the inside scoop on everything from acne advice to the perfect at-home facial.


How long have you been using SEEN? 

I began using SEEN 6 months ago


How long did it take you until you started to see the results from using SEEN?

I noticed pretty quickly the improvement with me neck/back/chest/arms. I suffer from really reactive, red, sensitized skin in those areas, and in just a week of use I noticed a lot less irritation/itching. 


What’s your go-to advice for someone struggling with acne?

Work with a professional who can assess your skin, and put you on a treatment plan to help manage the acne.


Tell us about your everyday skincare routine and the beauty products you can't live without.

My skincare routine changes with the season, I always alter the regimen slightly depending on my environment. I'm currently on the Jan Marini Skincare Management System, which is my full AM/PM routine. I cannot live without a good oil cleanser to remove makeup (One Love Organics B Enzyme) and Sunscreen- My all time favorite is iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30 and a good nourishing lip balm, I love Bio Kiss from Biologique Recherche.


Why do you think it’s important for people who struggle with skin issues to use SEEN?

What we put on our hair absolutely impacts our skin. as a professional, I see this all the time, it shows up in the form of acne and irritation along the hairline, neck, back, shoulders. 


Many people haven’t been able to get facials due to the pandemic, how can we give ourselves a spa-like facial at home?

I always recommend creating a spa like environment- use an oil diffuser, play relaxing music, light a candle. First, do a thorough cleansing step, followed by exfoliation, I like to use exfoliating masks with enzymes. Leave on the skin for 10 mins or so. Give yourself a good facial massage, use upward strokes, you can use a jade roller, guasha or massage tool if you like for this step. Spend as much time as you like. Then use a good hydrating mask, (i like to jump in the bath during this time and soak) when you remove finish your skin with your regular nighttime routine. 


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