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Motherly advice

Motherly advice
There’s no doubt our mothers have experience, knowledge, and wisdom that can benefit us in life, love, and beyond. We asked our team to share their moms’ hair, skin, and beauty advice that has stuck with them to this day.
Dr. Iris Rubin
SEEN Founder
“Use a detangler or curl cream before brushing curly hair, and not to brush curly hair when dry!”
Andrea Vasquez
Social Media Manager
“Make sure to apply sunscreen even on cloudy days, and don't forget to take off makeup before bed.”
Victoria Zacharia
Key Account Director
“Don't flat-iron your hair. But if you do, use a heat-protectant. And always remember to moisturize your neck.”
Nicole Sozzi Schnaider
Head of Marketing
“Keep it simple, use clean ingredients, and when you find a product that works, stick with it because you love it for a reason."
Jamie Mencher
Regional Sales Manager
“Always wash your face and it’s okay to show your natural beauty.”
Paige Herman-Axel
Content Strategist
“Stick to a solid skincare routine, deep-condition your hair once a week—and always put on a little perfume before you go to bed.”