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A note of thanks from our family to yours...

A note of thanks from our family to yours...

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pause and reflect about what we are grateful for. As a brand, SEEN wouldn’t exist without our incredible team, and of course, our customers. We thank you for all of your unwavering support over the past three years!

We would like to share a special Thanksgiving message to everyone who makes SEEN possible…

It’s the end of the year already!
Feels like a rocket ride through 2021.
As we reflect back on the journey,
We give thanks to all we’ve met and for all t
hat’s been done.

Thank you to our customers for loving seen.
Thank you to our partners for your support near and far.
Thank you to our vendors for keeping us in stock.
Thank you to our team for the greatness that you are.

As a team, we each want to share
The things we are grateful and thankful for.
Large and small, they’ve kept us going
On this magical life tour.


“I am thankful for getting to work with amazing people on SEEN, and for the humbling opportunity to create products that make people’s lives better.” –Iris
“I’m thankful for a strong and caring support network of friends, family, and professional connections.” –Greg
“I’m thankful for my highly-spirited daughter who challenges and amuses me!” –Nikki

“I am thankful that my whole family has survived the last two years through this pandemic. Everyone is healthy and doing well!” –James
“I’m thankful for having a job that I both love and allows for creative growth.” –Andrea
“I’m thankful for humankind's enduring optimism.” –Dave
“I am thankful for the newest addition to our family, my great-niece Zola, 13 weeks old. She is so adorable.” –Trisha

“I’m grateful to be working for a brand that’s mission-driven. As someone who has struggled with mental health, it feels great to contribute to a larger purpose in helping people feel SEEN for their best self and for a brand that's way more than just another marketing story.” –Nicole S.

“I am thankful for small things: Morning coffee, my kids’ laughter, red and yellow leaves outside my window, and ice-cream.” –Olga

“I’m grateful to be alive on this wondrous planet.” –Kellie

“I am thankful for my health, my family, and the opportunity to work with inspiring people.” –Lorna

“I am thankful for my family, friends, and inspiring co-workers. I’m especially thankful this year for everyone’s health and wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!” –Nicole R.

“I’m grateful for my health. After beating breast cancer, I have a renewed appreciation for my family, friends, and life in general.” –Paige