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What Type of Hairbrush Should I Use for My Hair?

What Type of Hairbrush Should I Use for My Hair?

Maybe you have one hairbrush that takes you from detangling through styling—or maybe you have an extensive brush collection that covers any possible need or desired style. Similar to makeup brushes, different hairbrush styles and bristle types can be better in certain situations. Here’s a guide to the most common brushes—and the ideal ways to use them.

Detangling brush

The hair is especially vulnerable when it’s wet, so you want a brush on hand that works through tangles without over-pulling the hair. Detangling brushes have flexible bristles to minimize breakage—and makes detangling more comfortable (especially for kids).

Paddle brush

Think of this style as a must-have for all your brushing and blow-drying needs. Its large, flat surface makes it easy to maneuver while the spacing of the bristles helps preserve the pattern of waves and curls. For stick-straight looks, use a paddle brush to blow the hair completely dry before smoothing it with a flat iron. Since you can find paddle brushes with all kinds of bristles, look for stiffer synthetic bristles (like nylon) if you have thick or textured hair.

Round brush

The secret to a salon-worthy blowout is the right round brush. Designed to smooth frizz and add volume where you want it, round brushes often have metal or ceramic barrels that retain heat from your blow-dryer for extra styling power. A few words to the wise: Metal and ionic round brushes can potentially damage fine hair, but natural bristles or a blend of natural and synthetic bristles are a gentler alternative. 

Boar-bristle brush

Sourced without harming the animals, boar bristles are pricy because of their ability to distribute the scalp’s natural oils down the hair shaft without pulling or tugging on the roots. Reach for it after heat styling and a quick brush before bed.

Vent brush

When you need to blow your hair dry in no time flat, a vent brush allows air to blow through—which, in turn, reaches more strands with each pass.

Wide-toothed comb

Though not technically a brush, a wide-toothed comb is a versatile hair tool. Use it in the shower to evenly distribute conditioner, and to comb out the lengths of your hair before starting the styling process or letting it air-dry. 

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