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The benefits and rise of cruelty-free haircare

The benefits and rise of cruelty-free haircare

Animal testing was used to assess the safety of all kinds of formulations for centuries, and it became even more widespread during the 20th century as scientific research and product development rapidly expanded. But in the mid-1900s, both researchers and consumers began to question the ethics and morality of animal testing, especially as reports of cruelty and suffering started to emerge. The concept of cruelty-free cosmetics started to gain momentum in the 1970s, but when PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was founded in the 1980s, advocacy for alternatives to animal testing became a major topic of conversation thanks to their highly visible protests and calls for legislative changes.

The E.U. banned animal testing on final formulations in 2004, and prohibited the practice on individual cosmetic ingredients in 2009. By this time, consumers had become increasingly aware of the issues associated with animal testing, and demand for cruelty-free products started to climb. Many beauty companies began to voluntarily adopt cruelty-free policies and label their products as such.

This led to the rise of cruelty-free certifications, such as PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies and Leaping Bunny, which were created to help customers identify products that were created without the use of animal testing.

Today, more and more personal-care companies have made the shift to cruelty-free while organizations and activists continue to raise awareness, push for stricter regulations, and promote alternative testing methods. These efforts have been widely successful, and many countries have either banned animal testing or are considering moving away from the practice. One exception is China, which still requires animal testing for certain ingredients such as sunscreen filters (and this has posed an ethical dilemma for foreign beauty companies who want to enter the country’s vast market).

Fortunately for conscious consumers, there are cruelty-free beauty products for virtually every hair and skin concern. SEEN is among the many companies that have made the commitment to being cruelty-free, and we have the Leaping Bunny and PETA certifications to prove it. It takes a lot of work to maintain these certifications, which includes pledging to only source raw ingredients from companies who subscribe to a cruelty-free philosophy as well. Even more, it’s our responsibility to ensure that no ingredient that ends up in any of our products is ever tested on animals.

SEEN’s Products Are Not Tested On Animals

SEEN is especially proud to offer cruelty-free haircare, and our Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deeper Conditioner set the stage for gorgeous hair without the worry about animal testing. From there, we have targeted cruelty-free solutions for the most common hair and scalp concerns.


Although SEEN’s Shampoo and conditioners start the fight against frizz in the shower, our cruelty-free styling products go the extra mile. Whether you choose our Blow-Out Creme for a sleek, straight look; Curly Creme to smooth and define all types of curls, or Magic Serum as your antidote for frizz, you can rest assured that animals had no part in making these ultra-safe and effective products a reality.

Brittleness and Breakage

SEEN is all about hydrating and nourishing the hair—and all of our products are vegan as well. We choose to use plant-derived ingredients such as hemisqualane, squalane, ethylhexyl olivate (derived from olives), ceratonia siliqua (carob tree) extract, and moringa oleifera (horseradish tree) to soften, smooth, and strengthen each and every strand.

Dry Scalp

SEEN’s Restore Scalp Serum is a 100% cruelty-free formula that improves both dry scalp and the visible flakes it can cause within two weeks.Although dry scalp is different from dandruff, many products that are designed to improve the flaking that can be caused by both are formulated with drug-based ingredients that may have been subjected to animal testing at some point in time. SEEN’s Restore Scalp Serum is a 100% cruelty-free formula that improves both dry scalp and the visible flakes it can cause within two weeks.

The real beauty of SEEN is that our products deliver a luxurious experience and the haircare results you want while being respectful of the skin. All SEEN products are safe for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores. In fact, all fragrance-free SEEN products have the National Eczema Association’s Seals of Acceptance™, and Fragrance-Free Shampoo, Fragrance-Free Conditioner, and Magic Serum have also received SkinSAFE’s coveted “Trusted Choice” seals

With SEEN, you can really have it all. Our cruelty-free products effectively address all of your main hair concerns while looking out for the health of your skin.