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A closer look at SEEN's star ingredients

A closer look at SEEN's star ingredients

Hair care products come in contact with your skin while you wash and condition, as well as for hours after styling—yet most hair care products aren’t developed with the skin in mind. That’s what makes SEEN different. We’ve created hair care that doubles as skincare with non-irritating products that won’t clog pores, so you don’t have to decide between healthy hair or healthy skin—you can finally have both!

Our founder, Harvard-trained dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin, created SEEN when she realized her salon visits were often followed by breakouts. She started by taking a closer look at the ingredients that are found in most hair care products—and eliminated the ones that could clog the pores, contribute to breakouts, or cause irritation. Dr. Rubin couldn’t simply take them away without adding skin-friendly alternatives, and the result is a full range of clean, non-irritating, non-comedogenic hair care products that respect the skin and scalp while giving you stronger, smoother, healthier hair.

We’re proud of the fact that SEEN products are free of pore-clogging oils, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, dyes, and gluten. But we’re even more excited about the carefully selected replacements that help ensure SEEN delivers beautiful, healthy hair while being mindful of the skin.

Plant-derived squalane: This natural humectant seals moisture within the hair, prevents moisture loss, provides heat protection, reduces breakage, and increases elasticity while enhancing the hairs’ strength, softness, luster, and shine. We only use plant-derived squalane to ensure our products are vegan-friendly.
Found in: SEEN Magic Serum, Blow-Out Creme, Curly Creme, Face Wash, Restore Scalp Serum

Hemisqualane: SEEN’s clean, plant-derived stand-in for silicone, fast-absorbing, non-greasy hemisqualane helps smooth the hairs’ cuticles to reduce frizz while providing protection against damage caused by heat-styling.
Found in: SEEN Shampoo, Conditioner, Deeper Conditioner, Magic Serum, Blow-Out Creme, Curly Creme, Body Wash

Bisabolol: A common soothing ingredient found in skincare products, SEEN includes this naturally- and sustainably-derived ingredient to help keep the scalp and skin calm and comfortable.
Found in: SEEN Shampoo, Conditioner, Deeper Conditioner, Blow-Out Creme, Curly Creme, Face Wash, Body Wash, Restore Scalp Serum

Ceratonia siliqua: This carob tree extract increases hair resistance and elasticity, improves hair barrier function, and strengthens the hair fiber.
Found in: SEEN Blow-Out Creme, Curly Creme

Moringa oleifera: Derived from the horseradish tree, this natural extract offers protection against pollution and UV rays (for the hair, not the skin).
Found in: SEEN Blow-Out Creme, Curly Creme

Glycerin: Conditions the skin without clogging pores.
Found in: SEEN Face Wash, Body Wash

Ethylhexyl Olivate: Derived from olives, this natural emollient provides nourishing hydration for the scalp and hair.
Found in: SEEN Magic Serum, Restore Scalp Serum

Propanediol Caprylate: A naturally-derived active ingredient that works to detoxify the scalp while supporting a healthy microbiome. 
Found in: SEEN
Restore Scalp Serum

Sarcosine: Helps to rebalance the microbiome and fights against stress, pollution, and product buildup.
Found in: SEEN Restore Scalp Serum

Many people mistakenly think that “clean” products are “all-natural” and this simply isn’t the case. Not all “natural” ingredients are skin-friendly (take poison ivy, for example), nor is every synthetic ingredient bad. They key is finding ingredients that provide the benefits you want without the potential side effects you don’t. SEEN believes in using natural ingredients whenever possible, along with safe, synthetic ingredients that help provide the optimal hair and skin experience.

We’re not the only ones who love our ingredients… See what real customers have to say!