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The impact acne has on adult women

The impact acne has on adult women

Acne causes visible blemishes on the face, chest, back, and beyond, but there are additional side effects that you can’t see—and this common skin condition can have a profound effect on the overall quality of life in adult women. A recent study published in the JAMA Dermatology journal took a closer look at the impact acne can have on adult women, and the findings are rather revealing.

This study included 50 women between the ages of 18 and 40 with moderate to severe acne. They were asked to describe their thoughts about how acne has affected their social, professional, and personal lives—and how they may have changed their behavior in response to persistent acne.

The most commonly reported acne-related side effects included depression, anxiety, and social isolation. In general, these patients defined successful acne treatment as achieving clear skin over time or maintaining a manageable number of blemishes. Study subjects also reported feeling frustrated after trying to find effective acne treatments.

The takeaway: Adult women who struggle with acne aren’t just concerned about their appearance—they experience psychological and emotional side effects in addition to disruption of their personal and professional lives.

An effective first step for improving the visible and emotional acne burden is finding a dermatologist who understands how to approach and treat adult acne in women—but there are other simple steps that can help. For starters, make sure all of your personal-care products are non-comedogenic (meaning they won’t clog pores), and this includes your skincare and hair care.

Although SEEN’s collection of hair care products are non-medicated, all of our products have been tested and clinically proven to be non-comedogenic—so they won’t contribute to the clogged pores that can lead to breakouts on the face or body. SEEN’s products are free of common pore-clogging ingredient culprits, including coconut oil and cocoa butter as well as certain waxes and polymers. (SEEN uses pore-friendly, non-comedogenic ingredients instead!) Just remember, it’s not as simple as excluding certain ingredients that are known to clog pores when creating non-comedogenic hair care. It’s also important to consider how ingredients work together in a formula and SEEN founder and Harvard-trained dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin did that, too.

The proof: In a dermatologist-graded clinical study, 70% of participants with body acne and 52% of those with facial acne saw improvement—and 74% said their skin looks and feels healthier after using SEEN as a regimen for eight weeks.1

But that’s not all… You can have healthy skin and a good hair day every day! SEEN’s luxurious, non-comedogenic, non-irritating formulas also reduce frizz by 74% when used as a regimen.2 Safe for color- and keratin-treated hair, using SEEN ShampooConditioner and Blow-Out Creme increases hair volume by 306% for up to eight hours after styling.3 You can get even more frizz-fighting, strand-smoothing benefits with our Magic Serum, which has also been found to reduce breakage by 81% (vs. a control).4

If you thought you’d be done dealing with breakouts years (or even decades) ago, what are you waiting for? Experience the SEEN difference for yourself!

What real customers are saying:
“To preface my review, I have NEVER been able to use hair serums. Basically anything that is good for your hair-aka oils and heavy moisturizers-cause my already acne-prone skin to break out terribly. I’ve seen dermatologists since my teens for acne, and this is the first product line that I feel truly caters towards people with “problem” skin like mine. A little bit of this serum goes a LONG way and makes my hair so soft and shiny! It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy, and most importantly (besides how great it makes my hair feel/look) no acne flare ups. Will definitely purchase again and recommend to anyone looking for a non-comedogenic hair serum option!” –Gabrielle V. (Verified Buyer)

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