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Treat gray and silver hair to SEEN

Treat gray and silver hair to SEEN

At SEEN, we believe that all types of hair deserve luxurious, effective hair care products that won’t clog pores or irritate the skin—and that all colors of hair do, too. Harvard-trained dermatologist Dr. Iris Rubin developed SEEN with the entire spectrum of hair hues in mind, including gray and silver. With unique needs and characteristics, there’s more to these hair colors than meets the eye.

It’s very common for women and men to start seeing changes in hair color as soon as their 30s (and some experience graying even earlier). But why? In terms of the time you begin to see gray hair, your DNA is in charge of that schedule, and those with lighter skin tones tend to see gray hair sooner.

But it’s important to understand that any single strand of hair does not “turn” gray overnight. In addition to being responsible for growing hair, the follicles also deposit pigment into each and every strand, and this color is dictated by your DNA as well. Over time, the follicles begin producing less pigment, and as the hair-growth cycle repeats itself strands begin growing in without their natural color—which is what we see as gray. Although most graying is age related, changes in hair color can also be due to illness or vitamin deficiency. And for the record, the theory that stress causes gray hair has yet to be proven.1

As hair loses its pigment and begins growing in gray, there are other noticeable differences in its texture and appearance. In addition to thinning that is associated with the natural aging process, gray hair tends to be more dry, coarse, and wiry than pigmented hair.2 Gray hair can also have a thinner protective cuticle than younger, pigmented hair which means these hairs are more vulnerable to damage caused by heat-styling and UV rays, which can also lead to brassiness or a yellow tinge.

SEEN’s hair care formulas include skin-friendly ingredients that help meet the unique needs of gray hair in several ways—and won’t lead to staining or other unwanted changes in hair color.

Plant-derived squalane: This natural humectant seals moisture within gray hair, prevents moisture loss, provides heat protection, reduces breakage, and increases elasticity while enhancing the hairs’ strength, softness, luster, and shine. SEEN only uses plant-derived squalane to ensure our products are vegan-friendly.

Hemisqualane: SEEN’s clean, plant-derived stand-in for silicone, fast-absorbing, non-greasy hemisqualane helps smooth the cuticles of gray hair to reduce frizz while providing protection against damage caused by heat styling.

Ceratonia siliqua: This carob tree extract increases hair resistance and elasticity, improves hair barrier function, and strengthens the hair fiber.

Moringa oleifera: Derived from the horseradish tree, this natural extract provides gray hair with protection against pollution and UV rays (for the hair, not the skin) and helps prevent unwanted brassiness or yellowing.

Be sure to check out this rave review from QuickSilverHair blogger Joli Campbell, and consider this feedback from our happy, silver-haired customers:

“My son turned me on to SEEN. He uses it because of breakouts on his face and back and it has transformed his skin. I use it for the wiry grays growing in at the temples. Now, my hair is in the best condition, healthy, full, smooth, and extremely soft. A little goes a long way.” –Joan B. (Verified Customer)

“I have used so many different shampoos. I am at the age of salt and pepper hair color and the grays fight you every time you wash your hair. Have not found anything that would leave my hair soft and manageable except, your shampoo and conditioner." –Judith K. (Verified Customer)