SEEN delivers beautiful, healthy hair.


Clean, soft, and shiny hair.

Clean hair and scalp without the irritation.

“I am absolutely in love with [SEEN]. My hair looks beautiful so shiny, straight and clean.” —Briela

“The shampoo and conditioner smells AMAZING, leaving my hair super smooth and soft... Definitely 10/10 recommend!!!” — Laura


Less frizz (74% reduction).

In a lab test at 80% humidity, SEEN reduced frizz by 74% when used as a regimen. Even 8 hours later, the hair treated with SEEN saw a 65% reduction in frizz.

Source: Independent 3rd party testing lab, Jan 2020 study assessing “Anti-frizz Benefits of Hair Care Products”



You decide the color, we leave it alone.

“I…haven't noticed any color fading even when using [SEEN] daily.” — Miles

“My colorist was impressed with how well the products performed at my recent color appointment.” — Kimberly


Less hair breakage (59% improvement).

In a lab test, SEEN Shampoo & Conditioner provided 59% less breakage vs a control, and SEEN Blow-Out Creme provided a 49% decrease in breakage when used alone vs a control.

Source: Independent 3rd party testing lab, Jan 2020 study assessing “Anti-breakage Benefits via Repeated Grooming”


Smooth hair, weightless moisture.

Silicone-free means less weight on the hair.

“I have super fine hair and SEEN doesn't weigh it down and has actually let me go longer in between washes. THANK YOU SEEN!” — Kiki

“It’s super soft, never greasy and never makes my hair feel weighed down. Just feels like healthier, smoother hair.” — Lia


Rich, foaming suds.

You’d never guess SEEN is sulfate-free.

“The shampoo suds up more than any other I have ever used leaving such a clean feeling while the conditioner makes it so smooth!” — Dustin

“I've used several high-end sulfate-free shampoos but never loved that they wouldn't lather while washing my hair. With SEEN shampoo, I get the lather I love and the conditioner detangles my thick hair easily.” — Jen


300%+ increase in volume

SEEN Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow-out Creme shows a 306% increase in volume 8 hours after application.

**Princeton 3rd party lab text, "Volume Measurement via Image Analysis," March 2020. SEEN Shampoo, Conditioner, and Blow-out Creme tested as a regimen compared to sebum treated hair. Sebum is the hair's natural oil.


Our mission is to help you be SEEN for your best self with beautiful hair AND healthy skin, no compromises.