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Seen and Heard

SEEN HERE Meet SEEN co-founder and resident skin whisperer Dr. Iris Rubin. Her main focus may be the health of our skin and hair, but her mission at SEEN is bigger than that: helping everyone feel seen. And with each purchase the brand gives back to be able to do just that. What inspired you to pursue a career in skin? “I always wanted to help people and always had a hard time seeing someone in pain or suffering. I remember telling my sister when we were lying in our bunk beds as kids that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. She said she wanted to find a cure for the common cold, and, funnily enough,...
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SEEN Science: Sulfates and Your Skin

Our monthly quick dive into a skin-related micro-topic with SEEN co-founder and derm-in-residence Dr. Iris Rubin. Sulfates: you’ve likely heard the word, but do you know what they are and why some brands (SEEN included) steer clear of them? Chemically speaking, a sulfate is a type of surfactant, which are molecular compounds designed to play well with oil and water. In beauty products, sulfates are often the detergent that help to make shampoo suds up or your soap lather. While they’re generally considered safe, the growing wave of sulfate-free products is an indication that the ingredient is not without issues. That sulfates for the hair can be problematic (they are harsh, they dehydrate, they cause color to fade) has been...
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Five Tips for a Better Blow-out

Haircut trends come and go, but the appeal of a fresh blow-out, no matter what your length or texture, is perennial. And SEEN’s newest baby, a silky Blow-Out Creme, formulated with skin-friendly ingredients much like our signature shampoo and conditioner, plus UV and pollution protection for hair, will no doubt become an essential tool in the process. Because we have blowouts on the brain, here are a few rules of engagement to consider before turning heat to head. DON’T DRY BEFORE DETANGLING Hair with even the tiniest snarls can result in even more breakage when faced with a brush and blowdryer. Detangle either in the shower with a wide-tooth comb and a bit of conditioner or when you emerge, always...
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The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts: Why Formulas Are More Important Than Ingredients

Everyone’s obsessed with what’s in — or not in — their beauty products. But to your skin, it’s more complicated than an ingredient list. What makes a pore clear or clogged can be in how multiple ingredients interact. Even ingredients we believe to be “safe” can go wrong in combination with other ingredients. Hair care companies rarely do comedogenicity testing on finished products, which is testing to see if the products clog pores. But we do. At SEEN, we believe that ingredients and how they work together are both important. 
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Breakout Prone Skin? It Might Be Time to Reevaluate Your Hair Care

It’s 2018: food is medicine, health is wealth, and knowledge is power. One issue many of us are still dealing with is breakout-prone skin. Acne is not just a teenage issue. According to a recent New York Times article “the rare woman without acne is notable.” Even celebrities like Kendall Jenner have been open about their struggles. So why is it that  a solution to clear skin still elude many of us? Skin issues can be soul deep and even though others may not notice, at times it’s all we see. One surprising cause of breakouts might actually be something we can control: our hair care products. 
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